Performance Appraisal Practices 2nd Edition

Contractor Appraisal Practices 2nd Edition
The most frequent complaint about appraisals: “Never had one.”
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The purpose of Peformance Appraisal Practices For The Construction Industry is to provide the reader with an extensive set of actual performance appraisals currently used by construction companies. The book has over seventy complete performance appraisals to use “as is” or to customize.

Sections include:

  • Suggestions For Building Or Improving Your Performance Appraisal Program.
  • Appraisal Guidelines (six samples)
  • Performance Appraisals For Higher Level Managers (five samples)
  • Appraisals For Project Management (twelve samples)
  • General Project Appraisals (nine samples)
  • Marketing & Sales Appraisals (three samples)
  • Appraisals For Journeyman/Apprentice (seven samples)
  • Probationary & Developmental Reviews (30 and 90 days)
  • Employee Development Conference (Guidelines and training suggestions)
  • Appraisals For Exempt Personnel (eleven samples)
  • Appraisals For Non-Exempt Personnel (five samples)
  • General Appraisals For Exempt & Non-Exempt (twelve examples)

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