Model Employee Policies & Procedures

Need a starting place to modify a policy or write a new one? Then this is the publication you need. Get the CD and load the samples into your word processing program.

Model Employee Policies and Procedures


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Model Employee Policies and Procedures For Contractors is a two volume reference for contractors that wish to compare, create or maintain employee policies and procedures and employee handbooks. These two volumes contain over 400 examples of policy and procedure statements as well as handbook formats, company philosophies and practices on how specific employee situations are to be handled.

Volume One includes:

 AD&D  Appearance  Compensation  Discipline  Employee Assistance  Computer Purchase Plan  Ethics/Conflict of Interest  Flexible Benefits  Nepotism Life Insurance
 Funeral Leave  Disability Insurance  Education Assistance  Employee Classification  EEO  Family & Medical Leave  Health Insurance  Leave of Absence Dental  Employee Purchase
 Copyright/Licenses  Conduct/Work Rules  Holidays  Disclaimers  Jury Duty

 Volume Two includes:

 Military Leave  New Hire Referral  Performance Review
 Safety  Service Awards  Smoking Policy
 Time Keeping / Pay Periods  Vacation  Work Week
 Overtime  Personal Communications  401 (k) Profit Sharing
 Sick Leave  Solicitation  Termination
 Voting  Worker Compensation  Security
 Probation  Substance Abuse  Mission Statement

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Two Volumes — 417 pages Books $269 Books and CD $335 Plus S/H Ships the same day if ordered before 3:00 p.m. EST.
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