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PAS publishes Contractor Compensation Quarterly which discusses personnel, compensation, and benefit topics relevant to construction and engineering. Most of the subjects below are from previous CCQ issues. Click CCQ for additional information on this PAS publication.
Unreasonable Compensation and S Corporations
When shareholders take funds out of their S corporations, they need to carefully classify each transfer as either compensation for services rendered or a distribution. Many S corporation shareholders try to take distributions but not compensation, since only compensation is subject to payroll taxes and withholding.
Unreasonable Compensation
Unreasonable compensation is the IRS term for excessive pay that avoids dividend tax on company profits. It is a particularly common problem for the construction and engineering industry in which the vast majority of companies are owned by fewer than 6 shareholders.
Three Common Errors In Compensation
Keeping payrolls competitive is an important role of management. Here are three typical ways payrolls get out of hand and what can be done to stop it.
In Your Own Defense
Contractors are notoriously independent and self-reliant. This self-reliance and independence, however, can sometimes lead to unnecessary risk. Such risk can be avoided with sensible sharing of industry information.
Re-thinking Retirement
Longevity is making traditional retirement paradigms obsolete when employees are looking at more years in retirement than they have spent in their careers. It’s both a problem and an opportunity for contractors.
Why Diversity Is Important
Is diversity just another term for Affirmative Action and EEO? We don’t think it is, but it does require more management skill.
Your E-mail Policy
E-mail is now as much a part of doing business as is the telephone, copy machine, cell phone, and fax. It also brings some special cautions. What is your e-mail policy. You do have one don’t you?