Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey

Average total comp for Chief Estimator’s in mid-size firms is $165,022. The 36’th annual survey is available now.


2018 Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey


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Report Description

The Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey contains 175 pages of competitive salary and bonus information on 58 construction positions. Over 27,000 construction employees are analyzed. This descriptive analysis includes the following data elements for each title.

Survey Data Elements

  • Base Salary — Annual direct pay excluding bonus
  • Bonus Amounts — Direct pay in addition to salary
  • Total Compensation — All direct pay
  • Percentiles — 25th, 50th, 75th
  • Average Or Mean — Weigted by number of contractors
  • Weighted Average — Weighted by number of employees
  • Actual And Anticipated Annual Wage Increases


Titles Covered

The Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey covers the following professional positions. Note that generic descriptions are provided for each position to assist in accurately matching these survey positions to a company’s specific titles.


Assistant Superintendent Senior Schedule Engineer Office Manager I
Superintendent Scheduling Manager Office Manager II
Project Superintendent Contract Administrator I Assistant Safety Director
Project Manager / Estimator Contract Administrator II Safety Director
Construction Manager Senior Contract Administrator Human Resources Recruiter
Project Manager Contracts Manager Human Resources Specialist
Senior Project Manager Buyer Human Resources Supervisor
Field Engineer I Purchasing Agent Human Resources Manager
Field Engineer II Warehouse Superintendent Sales Representative
Chief Field Engineer Materials Manager Sr. Sales Representative
Project Engineer I Quality Control Manager Business Development Manager
Project Engineer II QC Specialist Business Development Director
Senior Project Engineer Equipment Maintenance Superintendent Accountant I
Estimator I Equipment Manager Accountant II
Estimator II Administrative Manager Accounting Supervisor
Senior Estimator Risk Manager Accounting Manager
Chief Estimator Senior Cost Engineer Cost Engineering Manager
Cost Engineer I Network Administrator Marketing Coordinator
Cost Engineer II Programmer/Analyst
Scheduling Engineer I
Scheduling Engineer II

Demographic Breakouts

Analysis is provided for each position by type of contractor, type of construction performed, annual revenues and geographic regions of the United States.


 General Contractors  Building
 Construction Managers  Highway
 Electrical Contractors  Heavy
 Mechanical Contractors  Municipal
 Design-Build  Industrial
 Developers  Residential
 Specialty Contractors  Foreign

Other Breakouts Include…

  • Firms that bid primarly cost plus or firm price
  • Firm size as measured by annual revenues
  • Geographic location of the firm’s work

What’s on the CD?

For more than a decade, the full text of the Construction/Construction Management Staff Salary Survey has been available on CD as well as in hard copy format. In addition, the CD contains…
  • Data is provided in both PDF and Excel formats
  • An additional 294 pages of special breakouts of staff titles by revenue size
  • Employee turnover rates
  • Professional staff increases (actual and anticipated)
  • Complementary copy of Contractor Compensation Quarterly

Availability & Cost

Updates: Report is updated in February of each calendar year
Report length: 175 pages
  • Hardcopy report — $490
  • Hardcopy report and CD — $585     (need the data on flash drive?  just let us know)
Ships the same day if ordered before 3:00 p.m. EST.
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