Benefit Survey For Contractors

benefit Health Insurance – PPO family deductibles averaged $3,100 in 2017.

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Report Description

The PAS Benefit Survey For Contractors is conducted annually during the Fall of each year. This survey covers three hundred and fifteen (315) specific benefit items including company provided perquisites, such as company car, club memberships, and interest free loans. Each of the benefit elements are broken down by type of contractor, type of construction, revenue size and region of the United States.
Wherever relevant, dollar amounts are shown for such items as premiums, milage, profit sharing and the like. Many of the benefit items are also broken down by percentage and amounts of shared costs.
It is important to note that this survey covers benefits offered and NOT how benefits such as retirement or profit sharing are structured. Benefit structuring is quite complex and is beyond the scope of this benefit survey.

Benefits Covered

The Benefit Survey For Contractors covers three hundred and fifty specific benefit items that fall under the benefit categories below:


 Work Week – Overtime Practices  Compensation Practices
 Bonus Program  Vacation Policies
 Vacation Schedules  Holiday Policies
 Health Insurance – General  Health Insurance – Coverage
 Dental Insurance  Survivor Income
 Accidental Death & Dismemberment  Sick Leave Practices & Schedules
 Turnover Rates  Short Term Disability
 Long Term Disability  Pension Plan
 Profit Sharing Plan  Business/Travel Policies
 Company Vehicles  Relocation Practices
 Education Assistance Program  Project Assignment Practices

Demographic Breakouts

Analysis is provided for each benefit offering by type of contractor, type of construction performed, annual revenues and geographic regions of the United States.


 General Contractors  Building
 Construction Managers  Highway
 Electrical Contractors  Heavy
 Mechanical Contractors  Municipal
 Design-Build  Industrial
 Specialty Contractors  Residential

Other Breakouts Include…

  • Firms that bid primarly cost plus or firm price
  • Firm size as measured by annual revenues
  • Geographic location of the firm’s work

Availability & Cost

Updates: Report is updated in September of each calendar year
Report length: 161 pages
Cost: $495 +CD $590
Ships the same day if ordered before 3:00 p.m. EST.
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