Aggregate Industry Compensation Survey

 The 2017 – 2018 NSSGA survey is now complete. Now conducted annually, this survey is a must for aggregate and sand operations.

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Report Description

PAS closely cooperates with construction industry associations and professional societies. The Aggregates Industry Compensation Survey Of Salaried Positions is a prime example. Established as a partnership project of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association and PAS, this survey brings to the aggregates industry an exceptionally high quality wage and benefit analysis. The survey covers wages and benefits provided to over sixty salaried positions and fourteen hourly positions covering more than 12,000 employees specializing in aggregate materials.

Survey Data Elements

  • Base Salary — Annual direct pay excluding bonus
  • Bonus Amounts — Direct pay in addition to salary
  • Total Compensation — All direct pay
  • Percentiles — 25th, 50th, 75th
  • Average Or Mean — Weigted by number of contractors
  • Weighted Average — Weighted by number of employees
  • Actual And Anticipated Annual Wage Increases


Titles Covered

The Aggregates Industry Compensation Survey Of Salaried Positions covers at a minimum the following fifty-one titles broken out by tonage, revenues and geographic region of mining operations. Note that generic descriptions are provided for each position to assist in accurately matching these survey positions to a company’s specific titles. Not shown, but also included in the survey are 14 hourly positions ranging from Laborer to Electrician to Plant Operator.Senior Plant Operator.


Area Operations Manager Manager Quality Control
Plant Manager Stone Quality Control Representative
Plant Manager Sand Manager Environmental
Foreman/Supervisor Environmental Engineer
Central Maintenance Manager Manager Safety & Health
Maintenance Manager Safety & Health Representative
Distribution/Transportation Manager Manager Human Resources
Plant Office Administrator Manager HR Specialty
Plant Clerk Human Resource Specialist
Manager Engineering Manager Credit & Collection
District Engineer Manager Accounting
Electrical Engineer Accountant “A”
Engineer “A” Accountant “B”
Engineer “B” Manager Purchasing
Manager Geologic Services Buyer
Geologist “A” Management Trainee
Geologist “B” Chief Operating Officer
Area/District Sales Manager Vice President – Operations
Senior Sales Representative Vice President – Sales
Sales Representative Chief Financial Officer

Demographic Breakouts

Analysis is provided for each position by type of aggregate mined, annual tonage produced, annual sales volume and the region of the country of the mining operations.
  • Type Of Aggregate
  • Tonage Produced
  • Annual Sales Volume
  • Geographic Region


Benefit Analysis

The Aggregates Compensation Survey covers an extensive array of benefits provided to aggregate company employees. The benefits covered include the following:


 Health Insurance  Educational Assistance
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance  Profit Sharing 
 Supplemental Life  401(k) Savings
 Long Term Care  Cafeteria/Flex Plan
 Prescription Drug  Fringe Benefit Plan
 Vision Insurance  Vacation Schedules
 Short Term Disability   Long Term Disability
 Work Week and Overtime  Retiree Medical Insurance

Availability & Cost

Updates: Report is updated in September of each year
Report length: more than 150 pages
Cost: Book $650 +CD $715     (need the data on flash drive?  just let us know)
Ships the same day if ordered before 3:00 p.m. EST.
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